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Wellness Ambassadors

Wellness Ambassadors are a dynamic group of students who are passionate about an inclusive and comprehensive approach to wellbeing for the Simmons community, including undergraduate, graduate, residential, commuter, and online students.

Wellness Ambassador Hours

  • Rachel Freedman Monday 11am-1pm CLE Lounge Monday
  • Layla Glatman Monday 1pm-3pm CLE Lounge
  • Sarah Auletta Tuesday 11am-1pm CLE Lounge 
  • Jenna Squasoni Tuesday 3:30pm-5:30pm CLE Lounge
  • Jamie Lee Ser Huan Wednesday 1pm-3pm CLE Lounge 
  • Naleigha Evans Wednesday 2pm-3pm Meet @ CLE 
  • Bella Fletcher Thursday 1pm-3pm CLE Lounge 
  • Logan Gaston Thursday 4pm-6pm CLE Lounge